Choose Respect 

The College embraces the Choose Respect program.  Link to choose respect

Every member of our school community is encouraged to choose respect.  To choose respect is to make a conscious effort to:

  • Treat others with respect, no matter how they treat you.
  • Treat yourself with respect.
  • Forgive others who do not treat you with respect.
  • Resist your natural desire to pay back or take revenge.
  • Apologise when you do not treat others with respect.
  • Support others who are not being treated with respect.
  • Ask for support when others do not treat you with respect.

The following principles are fundamental to understanding and developing a culture of respect.

Principle 1:

Every human being is unique, and has inherent worth and value, and therefore, should be treated with Respect.  Respect is to be treated with care and consideration. This type of Respect is different to the type of respect that you can earn.

Principle 2:

Respect is not only an attitude, but an observable behaviour.  Respect will be clearly demonstrated in the following areas: 

  • respect for others
  • respect for yourself
  • respect for property
  • respect for positions of authority
  • respect for the environment.

Principle 3: 

Every member of our school community knows inherently how to demonstrate respect.

Principle 4: 

If a member of our school community is not treating others or themselves with respect, they are making a conscious choice NOT to do so.

Principle 5: 

Every member of our school community is responsible for their own actions and choices. These actions and choices will always have consequences.

Principle 6: 

It is acknowledged that some members of our school community may at some time fall short of the Code of Behaviour.  However, by providing an explicit standard or benchmark for what is right and acceptable behaviour we are holding up a standard of behaviour to work towards.