Vision, Purpose and Values

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to ensure that students leave the College well prepared for their future and have opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to achieve their individual potential and play an active part in civic and economic life.

The Western Australian Curriculam describes what students should know, understand, value and be able to do to succeed in today's world.

We design educational programs according to the Principles of Teaching, Learning and Assessment to give students the opportunity to realise their potential.

The College embraces the Department of Education's Strategic Plans and commits to achieving:

  • Success for all students - We believe that all students can achieve success and that our job is to ensure that every student has the opportunity to do so. We seek to meet the needs and aspirations of our students in order to build a strong local community.
  • High quality teaching and leadership - We believe that the best way for students to reach their potential is through high quality teaching and school leadership.
  • A capable and responsive school - We use our resources flexibly to best meet the changing needs of our students and we seek to build the communities trust in our College.

Our Values

The College is open to all students, irrespective of social background or economic circumstance and is inclusive of the local community. We are committed to contributing to Western Australia as a socially cohesive, safe, democratically stable and reconciled society. Accordingly, we are committed to the values that we believe are essential in achieving the best possible outcomes for all students. We are guided by five core values in everything we do. In stating these values, we acknowledge that words alone are not sufficient; it is actions, based on these values, which are important.

  • Respect and concern for others and their rights
  • Pursuit of knowledge and commitment to achievement of potential 
  • Self-acceptance and respect of self
  • Social and civic responsibility

  • Environmental responsibility
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