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This information was last updated on 3 August


  • All students are expected to attend school, except for those medically referred to learn from home.  
  • Parents with medical advice that their child should not attend school due to COVID19 are asked to contact the College reception.     
  • Children not attending school without a medical reason will be marked as absent and will not be provided with a learning program.    


  • The extra cleaning, hygiene and personal distancing practices implemented at the start of Term 2 is continuing.   
  • Arrangements are in place to reduce direct personal contact, enhance personal hygiene practices and strengthen cleaning at the College. 
  • Cleaning practices follow from advice from the Department of Health.  
  • Cleaners are present throughout the day undertaking regular cleaning and disinfecting of items and areas identified as 'high contact'.
  • Playgrounds are open and play equipment is cleaned frequently. 
  • The canteen servery area is disinfected regularly.  
  • Hand sanitizer is available in all classrooms. 
  • Much greater emphasis is given to health education in all classes.
  • Personal distancing measures are in place to the extent possible.     


  • Parents are generally not permitted to enter the College grounds unless they are invited to a meeting.
  • Younger students should be dropped off and picked up at the external gates.
  • Parents of K and P children only may attend the classroom at the end of the day. 
  • The College reception is open for all parent enquiries.


  • Students should order lunches before school. 
  • Parents may order for their children using www.myschoolconnect.com.au/canningtoncc or by downloading the app from myschoolconnect in the app store.  

Clyde Graham