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About us

Our purpose is to ensure students leave the College well prepared for their future

The College Plan

2023 – 2025 Business Plan


At Cannington our purpose is to ensure that students leave the College well prepared for their future and have opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to achieve their individual potential and play an active part in civic and economic life.


Our moral purpose is to empower students to contribute positively to society and to shape their futures using knowledge and skills developed in partnership with their family and wider community. 

The College is open to all students and is inclusive of the local community. We are guided by five core values that we believe are essential in achieving the best possible outcomes for all students.

  • Respect and concern for others and their rights
  • Pursuit of knowledge and commitment to achievement of potential 
  • Self-acceptance and respect of self
  • Social and civic responsibility
  • Environmental responsibility

The students chose four animals, local to the Cannington area, to align with each value.

Respect - The Long-Neck Turtle was chosen as it represents determination and persistence in getting things done. This also means including others and demonstrating respect for the many cultures that make up our College.



Responsibility - The Motorbike frog was chosen for its link to being responsible for our natural environment. Where there are an abundance of frogs, the environment is healthy. The frog also represents transition and transformation, indicating the changes that our College will go through on the PBS journey.


Excellence - The Corella is a frequent visitor to our school grounds. It represents a fearlessness in endeavours and demonstration of success. Students who demonstrate excellence, set high standards for themselves and are positive role models for their peers.



Pride - The Black Swan was chosen for its link to Western Australia as our state emblem and for the grace with which it holds itself as it moves through the water.  They are a representation of faith and loyalty. Students who demonstrate pride in their school are loyal and united.