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In Kindergarten and Pre-primary, your child continues to build on important skills which they have developed at home and from early life experiences. Teaching programs are developed around the WA and Australian Curriculum, Early Years Learning Framework, National Quality Standards, School Priorities and the needs of each child.

Your child’s teacher plans for a balance of activities that include explicit teaching, providing sequenced lessons that progress students toward specific learning goals. It also provides guided practice, individually and in groups and guides how play can be used to reinforce learning eg. Initial Sound Bingo is a game that can be used to help children recognise sounds in words, a skill that is necessary for effective reading and writing. Each child is supported with appropriate strategies, based on individual needs, with a focus on language development and the use of technologies. Along with collaborative learning during play and small group instruction, children are given opportunities to practice skills, communicate with others, take on challenges and solve problems in fun and enjoyable ways. Play enables children to make sense of their world.